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We love what we do.

If we do not change the world who does? Of course we often catch ourselves by doubting if this is not just a drop in the ocean. But if it actually is just a drop in the ocean. It was at least a drop. 





Powercoders is a whole new way to solve two problems we are facing. The integration of skilled refugees and the lack of IT-specialists in Switzerland.


Powercoders is a coding academy for refugees, a 13-weeks school program with a following 6-months internship.





Bookasleeper is a booking platform for night trains. We want to make sure that booking a night train gets as easy as booking a short-distance flight. 

This project is developed in partnership with SBB and ÖBB. 





Swisspreneur is a show where we are interviewing Switzerland’s most talented founders, business leaders and innovators to uncover the secrets of their success to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.



Geile Eier


Geile Eier is a breakfast concept. We celebrate the cult breakfast Eggs Benedict in a whole new way in different restaurants in Switzerland. Be part of our Egg-Lovers-Community.





Blacknose is dry-hopped with hay from the Blacknose Sheeps of Zermatt. It is a gentle Mountain Pale Ale, the first hey-beer in Switzerland. Brewed with love.

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